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Looking back I can still remember the frustration I felt when I was getting ready to move overseas (twice) and trying to find a reputable international mover. I doubt moving houses will ever be considered fun, but what’s important is that your stuff arrives safe and sound to your new home.

You know you want to move, you know where you want to move to but researching removal companies while trying to understand their different quotes and paperwork can be quite disheartening. That’s why GoodMigrations has partnered with amazing moving companies around the globe. These international moving companies ensure your most cherished possessions get where they need to go safely.

Our new blog series “Insider Mover Interviews,” we will be bringing each one of them under the spotlight so you, the expat, can get to know them even better!

To kick this series off we want to introduce you to Chris Shipp, General Manager at ACE Relocation. In addition, to be a down to earth, great guy he’s got impeccable taste when it comes to crab cakes.

1.       What’s something you’d like to share about Ace Relocation?  Ace Relocation Systems is a fantastic family-owned worldwide professional moving company. We are one of the largest agents in Atlas Van lines.

2.       How long have you been with Ace Relocation? I have been in the moving business for 20 years and with Ace Relocation for the last 8 years.

3.       How many international moves a year does your company do? We did close to 4,000 International moves in 2015. This would include Origin Agent as well as Destination Agent services provided.

4.       What credentials do you think every moving company should have?  All U.S. based moving companies must be licensed with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and be able to prove that they are current and in good standing.  They should also be members of AMSA and have the ProMover credential.  Movers who ship internationally should be RIM certified by AMSA and belong to the International Association of Movers.  In addition to those credentials, we feel that it is crucial to have your crews and staffs well trained in all aspects of the moving business, which would include interstate, military and international moving. Ensuring that your customers have the opportunity to rate your services is also extremely important.

5.       Have you ever lived outside of your native country? No.

6.       What motivated you to get into the international moving industry? As Professional Movers we knew we had to diversify into the International market. We knew that the world was becoming very mobile and entering the International market would open great opportunities for Ace Relocation to expand.

7.       What are some of the most common mistakes made by individuals moving overseas for the first time? Letting items like passports and other important papers get packed and loaded in their shipments.

8.       What is the biggest tip you can offer someone moving overseas for the first time? Use professional moving companies and let them do the work.

9.       Which countries do you move the most people to? Singapore, The United Kingdom, China and India represent 46% of the international moves we did in 2015.

10.   What is the strangest item you’ve been asked to ship? We were tasked with moving an incredibly expensive racing canoe from San Jose, Ca. to England. It took up the space of a 40’ container and it was not really possible to safely crate. We ended up going to a local upholstery shop and purchasing 3” thick foam and we used that to wrap the canoe in its entirety. We then suspended the canoe from the ceiling of the container like a spider web. This enabled the canoe to move with the motion of the vessel without touching any of the walls. When the canoe arrived in perfect condition in England the customer called and said it was ingenious how it was wrapped and loaded into the container.

ACE Relocation Team

Thank you to the team at Ace Relocation for a great interview. Stay connected and get our updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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