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internet service providers are in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a number of internet service providers. Which ones are available to you is very dependent on where you live in the city. Where fiber is an option it's something that you should consider since you'll have a faster, more stable experience -- particularly for streaming or online games. Cable is the more ubiquitous option, however, and is preferable to the slower ADSL that some providers still offer.

Ziggo is perhaps the biggest provider in the Netherlands and they also boast 2 million WiFi hotspots around the country that you can use as a subscriber. But there are some faster options available. 

You can compare your options by entering your postcode and house number at this provider comparison website.

Below are download speeds and annual costs for different service providers.  Again, these options may not be available at your specific address.


T-Mobile KPN


XS4ALL Stipte





--- ---





€495,00/year ---
50Mb --- --- --- --- €604,00/year





--- ---
100Mb €467,00/year €475,00/year --- --- €724,00/year


--- --- €536,00/year --- ---
300Mb --- --- €646,00/year --- ---
500Mb €588,00/year €565,00/year --- --- €844,00/year


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