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Energetic and raw, Chinatown is a vibrant neighborhood with interesting history and great food.
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Chinatown has a below average violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for New York City.


A tour guide once shared the wisdom that New York's Chinatown isn't one Chinatown, but many: since the 1880s immigrants from different regions of China have staked out certain parts of this lower Manhattan neighborhood and retained their regional cuisine and customs. What looks homogenous to an outsider is actually a diverse community.

This is a vibrant, densely packed area full of old tenement housing that’s been converted to apartments, cheap Chinese restaurants, Buddhist temples, historic sites, and stores selling knick-knacks (and, oftentimes, knock-offs) that spill out onto the sidewalk. Canal Street, which was once a canal, is the busy main thoroughfare and normally jammed with traffic. While there are lots of Chinese eateries around there isn't much of a nightlife here. But hip neighborhoods like Lower East Side and Tribeca are a short walk away.

Chinatown is one of the more affordable neighborhoods by Manhattan standards, but it's by no means a cheap place to live.

Chinatown is bordered on the north by Little Italy and Bowery, on the east by Two Bridges, on the south by Civic Center, and on the west by Tribeca.


Wall Street: 1 miles / 5-15 minutes by car / 15-20 minutes by transit
Rockefeller Center: 3.5 miles / 15-40 minutes by car / 20 minutes by transit
Jersey City: 8 miles / 25-50 minutes by car / 40 minutes by transit

Chinatown New York City Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Chinatown LOCAL schools

Ps 124 Yung Wing
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.11 mi
Transfiguration School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.11 mi
Ms 131
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.20 mi
Pace High School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.20 mi
Emma Lazarus High School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.20 mi


Local Flavor   Chinatown Local Flavor

Joe's Shanghai
Joe's Shanghai 9 PELL ST, NEW YORK, NY 10013 MAP

Recognized by a number of foodie publications, Joe's does everything well but is most famous for its special soup dumplings.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory 65 BAYARD ST, NEW YORK, NY 10013 MAP

This neighborhood institution has been around since 1987 and offers dozens of ice cream flavors.

Jin Fong Restaurant
Jin Fong Restaurant 20 ELIZABETH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10013 MAP

Founded in 1978, this dim sum restaurant has grown into a behemoth with 800 seats. But you can still expect a wait at this popular spot.

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