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Belltown is a thriving waterfront neighborhood just steps to Downtown Seattle.

Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Professionals
  • Singles


What's around
  • 0 Schools
  • 116 Restaurants
  • 32 Fitness options
  • 13 Banks
  • 5 Grocery stores/markets
  • 43 Nightlife options
  • 105 Shops




Belltown has an above average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for Seattle.


Belltown, located on the waterfront adjacent to downtown Seattle, is a hip, youthful neighborhood with lots to do. It's ranked as one of the most walkable neighborhood in Seattle, which makes getting to all of its boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and bars an easy exercise.

Since you're in the heart of the city here you won't find any grand homes on the water; instead, high-rise towers and large complexes provide the condos and apartments for Belltown's residents.

There's an interesting mix of people here thanks to its history as one of the seedier parts of Seattle. While crackdowns have removed most of the criminal element, you'll run into professionals, hordes of tourists, homeless, and the occasional drug dealer. This is the biggest point of contention among Belltown's residents: some say they feel perfectly safe at any time of day or night, while others avoid being on certain streets after dark.

Belltown is bordered on the north by Lower Queen Anne, on the east and south by Downtown Seattle, and on the west by Elliot Bay.


Downtown Seattle: 0.9 miles / 5-10 minutes by car / 5-10 minutes by transit / 5-10 minutes by bike / 15-20 minutes by foot
Bellevue: 9.9 miles / 20-45 minutes by car / 40-45 minutes by transit
Redmond: 16.3 miles / 25-40 minutes by car / 40-50 minutes by transit

Belltown Seattle Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Belltown Local Flavor

Serious Pie
Serious Pie 316 VIRGINIA ST SEATTLE, WA 98121 MAP

Serious Pie, the pizzeria with a bread baker's soul, serves up pies with blistered crusts, light textured but with just enough structure and bite.

Lola 2000 4TH AVE SEATTLE, WA 98121 MAP

Lola features the classic produce of the Pacific Northwest mingled with cooking styles of Greece; the menu offers modern Mediterranean and North African riffs on local ingredients such as Anderson Valley lamb, Penn Cove shellfish and wild King salmon.

Cinerama 2100 4TH AVE SEATTLE, WA 98121 MAP

Combining sleek comfort and futuristic decor with breakthrough advances in motion picture technology, Cinerama opened just a year after the World’s Fair came to town. Over the decades, it became a favorite venue for Seattle moviegoers of all ages, from families to Star Wars buffs who camped out in line for weeks before a premiere.

Bathtub Gin & Co
Bathtub Gin & Co 2205 2ND AVE SEATTLE, WA 98121 MAP

Nestled in the basement of an old brick hotel, now the Humphrey Apartments, an intimate cocktail bar was quietly built in 2009. Bathtub Gin & Co. is in a former boiler room in the back of the building in between First and Second Avenue in Belltown.

Olympic Sculpture Park
Olympic Sculpture Park 2901 WESTERN AVE SEATTLE, WA 98121 MAP

This park needs no introduction, it is literally filled with sculptures and breath-taking views. From once particular spot, you can see the Space Needle, Mt. Rainier, ferry boats in the sound, snow-capped mountains, and of course big metal sculptures.

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