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A busy hub of businesses and residences, Buona Vista is a popular place for families and professionals.
Studio / 1 BR
35% Complete
2 Bedrooms
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Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Families
  • Professionals
  • Singles


What's around
  • 82 Restaurants
  • 9 Grocery stores/markets
  • 1 Banks
  • 6 Nightlife options
  • 9 Fitness options
  • 16 Shops






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Buona Vista, which translates to “good sight” in Italian, is said to have gained its name from the great views it enjoys thanks to the area’s hilly geography. The area is centered around Holland Close, Holland Avenue and Holland Drive, as well as being in close vicinity to Dover and Ghim Moh estates.

Before the development of industrial hubs such as One-North, Biopolis, and Fusionopolis in the area, Buona Vista was a sleepy neighborhood left alone to move at its own pace. With the influx of professionals and workers at the industrial hubs since 2001, the Buona Vista area has been built up with more retail destinations and dining/leisure enclaves to service the growing number of residents. 

Served by the Buona Vista MRT station, this neighborhood offers options for residences ranging from HDB apartments, to colonial bungalows, to high-rise condominiums located within the large industrial hubs.

The local HDB estates are still home to many local families, but with many high-tech and R&D industries located in the industrial parks, many expatriates have since been drawn to this area for work. The trendy lifestyle destinations in the neighborhood draw in many more expatriates and young professionals, with a mix of singles, couples and families living here.

Buona Vista is bordered on the north by Ghim Moh, on the east by Tanglin Halt, Mei Chin, and Queensway, on the south by Kent Ridge the the National University of Singapore, and on the west by Dover.


CBD: 8.6 km / 15-45 minutes by car / 25-35 minutes by transit
Changi Business Park: 26 km / 30-55 minutes by car / 110 minutes by transit
Jurong International Business Park: 6.8 km / 10-30 minutes by car / 30-35 minutes by transit
One North Buona Vista: 0.5 km / 5 minutes by car / 5 minutes by foot
Tuas: 26.5 km / 30-50 minutes by car / 90 minutes by transit

Buona Vista Singapore Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Buona Vista Local Flavor

Star Vista

Directly linked to the Buona Vista MRT interchange station, Star Vista is an urban retail hub with supermarkets, lifestyle brands, home furnishing shops, fashion stores, and other amenities servicing local residents as well as professionals and executives from the one-north industrial hub. The Star Vista Mall also includes a performing arts centre that hosts regional and international shows.

Rochester Park

A collection of magnificently conserved colonial bungalows, Rochester Park was once home to the upper classes of British military officers in the 1950s. Today, the old bungalows have been repurposed as lifestyle destinations providing a variety of food & beverage options in beautifully lush surroundings.

One North

One-north is a business hub developed to support the growth of the biomedical science and infocomm technology, media, physical sciences, and engineering sectors. This business park houses a cluster of world-class research facilities and office spaces, integrated with educational institutes, residential and recreational amenities to provide a truly “work-live-play-learn” environment.

Ghim Moh Market
Ghim Moh Market 20 GHIM MOH ROAD, SINGAPORE 270020 MAP

Opened in 1978, Ghim Moh is a local wet market and hawker food centre in the Buona Vista area, loyally serving residents over the decades. With many fresh local produce available for morning marketing and local hawker fare to satisfy those hunger pangs, Ghim Moh is usually packed on the weekends (and weekday lunchtimes with the opening of industrial parks in the area).

Holland Village

Also commonly known as “Holland V”, Holland Village is a trendy destination with young locals and expatriates for the variety of dining establishments and watering holes located in the area. Holland V is lively during the week, with the bars and restaurants getting super packed on weekends, so be sure to make those reservations!

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