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One of the oldest settled spots in Singapore, these days Punggol is full of affordable housing and parks

Median Home Rent (PER MONTH)

Studio / 1 BR
54% Complete


2 Bedrooms
60% Complete


3 Bedrooms
63% Complete


4 Bedrooms
100% Complete


Median Home Price

Studio / 1 BR
62% Complete


2 Bedrooms
49% Complete


3 Bedrooms
66% Complete


4 Bedrooms
100% Complete


Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Empty nesters / Retirees
  • Families
  • Nature lovers


What’s around
  • 58 Restaurants
  • 8 Grocery stores/markets
  • 0 Banks
  • 4 Nightlife options
  • 9 Fitness options
  • 29 Shops





Punggol has an average crime rate for Singapore.


One of the oldest settlements in Singapore, it's said that Punggol used to be a district of farms serviced by dirt track roads that predated Sir Stamford Raffles landing on Singapore by 200 years. The original settlers in this area were mostly Malay, with Chinese immigrants moving in around the mid-1800s and setting up various farms that formed the industry of the area.

These days, most of the farms have been relocated or demolished to make way for residential Housing Development Board estates. With a location by the sea and close to the jetty, Punggol was also known for its seafood restaurants, which have since been relocated due to land reclamation projects that started around the mid-1990s.

Following tremendous improvements in transportation networks in this area in recent years, Punggol has been an increasingly attractive choice for home hunters. Thanks to the many Housing Development Board estates being built in the area, the choices for economical housing in this area are quite abundant. For those wishing for more facilities, there are also a few choices of condominium properties available.

With recreational locations such as Punggol Waterway park, natural habitats such as the Lorong Halus wetlands to explore, and Instagram-worthy spots such as Lalang field, Punggol is an area popular with nature lovers, families, young couples, and older residents.

Punggol is bordered on the north by the Johor Strait, on the east by the Punggol Serangoon Reservoir, on the south by Rivervale, Sengkang, and Anchorvale, and on the west by a reservoir.


CBD: 20.1 km / 25-50 minutes by car / 50 minutes by transit
Changi Business Park: 12.1 km / 20-45 minutes by car / 60-70 minutes by transit
Jurong International Business Park: 29.3 km / 35-60 minutes by car / 90 minutes by transit
One North Buona Vista: 24.9 km / 35-60 minutes by car / 60-65 minutes by transit
Tuas: 44.9 km / 45-85 minutes by car / 140 minutes by transit



Local Flavor   Punggol LOCAL schools


Local Flavor   Punggol Local Flavor

Punggol Waterway Park


Located along Sentul Crescent, Punggol Waterway Park is segmented into four different themes designed to cater for all ages. This green haven provides an escape into nature and encompasses other recreational features, such as a water playground that promises a fun-filled day of water play (obviously hugely popular with the kids). The Waterway is great for outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and skating. You’ll find the occasional birdwatcher around as well, trying to spot the variety of species of birds that can be found in the area.

Hai Bin Prawning

Hai Bin Prawning 6 TEBING LANE #01-04 SINGAPORE 828835 MAP

Prawning is a popular pastime in Singapore and is always sure to get giggles from the younger ones. The largest prawning facility in Singapore is Hai Bin, with multiple outlets located across Singapore that are open 24/7. After you are done with the day’s catch, relax in the beer gardens with a nice cold one and some finger food.

The Punggol Settlement

The Punggol Settlement 3 PUNGGOL POINT ROAD, SINGAPORE 828694 MAP

Formerly known as Punggol Jetty, this area was a hotspot for seafood in the 1970s. Since then, developments in the area have seen the epicenter of Punggol’s food scene shift from its original seafront location. Wanting to revive “old Punggol”, commercial developers set out to develop this idyllic seafront dining destination, now with over 10 seafront dining outlets to choose from.

Gallop Stables

Gallop Stables 900 PUNGGOL ROAD, SINGAPORE 829168 MAP

One of the largest public riding centres in Singapore, Gallop Stables aims to make horse riding an accessible activity to everyone. Kids can hope on a pony and have a leisure ride, or take actual lessons to learn to ride a horse. Other programmes provided include horse carriage rides, horse riding for elderly citizens and even rental of horses for private events. For those who just can’t get enough, the stable even offers overnight camps on site!

Waterway Point


The largest mall in Punggol, Waterway Point is integrated with a visitor’s centre and town square, allowing residents and the general public to learn more about the heritage of the Punggol area through different series of exhibitions and community events.  

Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach 22 PUNGGOL RD, TRACK 19, SINGAPORE 828871 MAP

A great place to catch the sunrise being on the Eastern point of Singapore, unique boulders lie scattered across the soft white sands on the beach, making for a very peaceful and scenic landscape. However, this beach has had a violent past, being the heritage site of the Sook Ching massacre where 400 Chinese civilians were killed in 1942. Today, a plaque stands at the site to commemorate that day in history.

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