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Shopping of all kinds, great schools, lots of greenery, and a bridge to Malaysia make Woodlands a unique and attractive neighborhood.

Median Home Rent (PER MONTH)

Studio / 1 BR
54% Complete


2 Bedrooms
61% Complete


3 Bedrooms
68% Complete


4 Bedrooms
100% Complete


Median Home Price

Studio / 1 BR
54% Complete


2 Bedrooms
64% Complete


3 Bedrooms
64% Complete


4 Bedrooms
100% Complete


Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Empty nesters / Retirees
  • Families
  • Nature lovers


What’s around
  • 73 Restaurants
  • 39 Grocery stores/markets
  • 2 Banks
  • 2 Nightlife options
  • 15 Fitness options
  • 225 Shops





Woodlands has a below average crime rate for Singapore.


Woodlands is located in the northern region of Singapore and is connected to Malaysia’s southernmost city, Johor Bahru, by the Johor-Singapore Causeway (convenient for a weekend trip across the border). The area earned its name because it appeared to be heavily wooded when viewed from the Johor side of the straits.

Before development occurred in the area, early Woodlands was dotted with rubber plantations and poultry farms and occupied by squatters and villagers who made their living as shopkeepers and vegetable farmers. After the first HDB flats were built in 1972, the Woodlands area started to see more industrialization in the following years as kampongs were cleared out to make way for the modern residential estates and facilities you'll see today.

Woodlands encompasses all the comforts and conveniences of a typical Singaporean neighborhood, with additional unique experiences that can only be found in this locality that makes life that little bit more interesting. As with many neighborhoods, Woodlands has its variety of large suburban malls such as 888 Plaza, Causeway Point and Vista Point. For everyday necessities, there are ample supermarkets such as Fairprice, Giant, NTUC, and Cold Storage conveniently located within the vicinity of residential blocks.

If you want to delve into a little more local fare, wet markets (even a wholesale fish market) can also be found with rows and rows of stalls selling fresh produce and goods for cheaper prices than what you would get at a normal supermarket. For a unique experience, take a visit to the Senoko Fishery Port, a wholesale fish market that supplies the freshest seafood to markets, supermarkets, and restaurants in Singapore (the market is open in the wee hours of the morning so have coffee at the ready!).

Another interesting aspect of Woodlands is being so close to the Johor-Singapore Causeway, making Johor Bahru (or “JB” as its known to locals) a mere couple of hour’s drive away and easy to get to for some weekend indulgence in Malaysian cuisine or (cheap) bulk shopping at one of their many wholesale supermarkets.

With a mix of locals and some expatriates in the area, Woodlands is populated with many families thanks to the schools available here, including the Singapore American School for international students. Designated areas where parks have been built or where woodlands have been preserved integrate nature into the modern landscape and offer tranquil spaces for family walks and relaxation, and attracts nature lovers residing in the area and from afar. Conveniently located amenities and the seemingly slower pace of life is conducive for older residents, while the relatively affordable property prices in the area draw in young couples as well.

Woodlands is bordered on the north by the Johor Strait, on the east by Sembawang, on the south by Mandai, and on the west by Sungei Kadut.


CBD: 23.9 km / 30-60 minutes by car / 60 minutes by transit
Changi Business Park: 28 km / 35-65 minutes by car / 100 minutes by transit
Jurong International Business Park: 19.4 km / 20-45 minutes by car / 45-65 minutes by transit
One North Buona Vista: 19.7 km / 25-55 minutes by car / 50-65 minutes by transit
Tuas: 30 km / 35-70 minutes by car / 110 minutes by transit



Local Flavor   Woodlands LOCAL schools


Local Flavor   Woodlands Local Flavor

Woodlands Waterfront Park

Woodlands Waterfront Park ADMIRALTY ROAD WEST, SINGAPORE 759956 MAP

This 11-hectare park offers a scenic and tranquil natural space with an unobstructed view of the sea and Johor Straits from the north of the island. Fitted with jogging and cycling tracks, the park is a favourite of both young and old residents. Find fishermen casting their lines off the end of the jetty, cyclists and skaters taking in the view on their routes, and if you’re lucky enough, you can also catch a glimpse of some of Woodlands’ cheekier residents (monkeys) playing on the park grounds.

Causeway Point


A large suburban shopping mall in Woodlands, Causeway Point is well known amongst locals and residents. With over 250 retail outlets spread out over 7 floors, the shopping mall contains fashion outlets, dining options, entertainment facilities (e.g. games arcades, cinema), electronics and home appliance retailers, it is a convenient one-stop shop for residents’ retail needs.

Admiralty Park

Admiralty Park 31 RIVERSIDE ROAD, SINGAPORE 730000 MAP

Situated on a hilly terrain with the Sungei Cina river running through it, Admiralty Park in Woodlands contains one of the largest nature areas in an urban park, and contains a mix of forest, mangroves, and riverine and open grassland habitats home to over 100 species of flora and fauna.

Sri Siva Krishna Temple

Sri Siva Krishna Temple 31 MARSILING RISE, SINGAPORE 739127 MAP

The origins of this temple started with one Mr. Kunjukrishnan placing statues of deities and several shrines by a roadside in Sembawang and started praying. After his death, a Mr. Velayutham continued to bring in more deities, and over time the area was given the name “Sri Siva Krishna Temple”. In 1982, the temple was shifted to its present site at Marsiling Rise, and was dedicated to the god Shiva.

Fushan Garden

Fushan Garden 81 WOODLANDS STREET 81, SINGAPORE 730827 MAP

A nostalgic little neighborhood park that has dinosaur features set to delight any little adventurer. Set in a hilly area with much natural shade around, you can walk across and slide down the backs of dinosaurs, study fossils in rock walls, and even try to spot a Pterodactylus perched on a treetop.

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant 6A ADMIRALTY ROAD, SINGAPORE 757445 MAP

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant is uniquely located on an existing jetty on the Johor Strait, providing fantastic views of both Johor and Singapore skylines. With a couple of outlets, the restaurant serves up Chinese-influenced Halal cuisine, in an attempt to cater Chinese food to the Muslim community. Popular with the locals for the seafront dining views and affordable food options.

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