How moving abroad works

How Moving Abroad Works

You’ve decided to move to another country! This is a very exciting time in your life whether it’s your first time or your third. There are many things that need to happen before you can take off, and one of the most important things is hiring an international mover to get your belongings to your destination. When you book a moving company, there are different ways that company might get your stuff to your new home.

How Companies Help Move You Overseas

Some may handle the move from start to finish using their own people and equipment. Most of the time, however, different moving companies will be involved. This is because very few movers have the global reach to operate in multiple countries.

As a result, the mover you hire may “subcontract” to other moving companies, which means there may be several companies involved in getting your shipment from point A to point B. This is a very common practice and not something to turn you off about a moving company.

For instance, this process might involve a carrier, which is a separate company that takes your shipment across the ocean or border. At your destination, you’ll be put in touch with a local agent, also known as a release or destination agent. This is a local moving company that will deliver your stuff to your new home.

Sounds complicated, right? The important thing is that you hire the right moving company up front; they’re responsible for managing anyone they bring on as a subcontractor, and you’ll deal with them directly to take care of payment, ask questions, get updates, and claim any damages.

Luckily, GoodMigrations only partners with reputable moving companies so you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands with our network. Request a personalized quote from our reliable network of movers, or read on to learn about moving to another country, including what to move, what your shipping options are, and how to select the right moving company for your move abroad.

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