Selecting an international mover

Moving overseas - Price isn't everything

Now that you’ve done your homework, gotten quotes, and verified what each quote includes you should be able to confidently pick a mover. Our custom template makes it easy to choose the best company for your move overseas and book them online.

It’s very important to note that price isn’t everything. Sometimes spending more on a mover is worth it in the end to ensure you don’t have any unpleasant surprises. This is especially true if you’ve gotten quotes from movers outside of GoodMigrations. There are a lot of bad movers out there who will give you a cheap quote, but increase the price once they’ve picked up your shipment.

Once you select a mover you’ll likely need to pay a deposit to lock in the quote. (On international moves you pay the full amount prior to export from the origin country, typically after your goods have been picked up and taken back to the moving company’s warehouse to be measured or weighed.)

The company may have specified a “pickup window” of a couple days. Make sure you confirm whether this is the case with your mover and plan accordingly if so. If you’re out of a home and the mover calls and says they won’t be able to pick up your stuff for another day that can put you in a serious crunch.

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