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We’ve been working our way around the world, so to speak, by emailing fellow expat bloggers in our quest to build up customer reviews of international movers. The feedback has continued to be encouraging and some bloggers have joined our quest to improve the world of international moving. Sharon Hiebing, of Wealth Ships, is an American who moved to Belize in 2010 and now provides relocation consultation services to future expats. Sharon recently published a guest post I wrote on how to find an international mover. You can read it here. In the post, I talk about how crazy it is that you can find out more on the track record of a restaurant, where a meal costs you maybe $30, than you can for an international mover, whose service might cost thousands. Many thanks to Sharon H.  for this opportunity, and if you’re planning to move abroad (and to Belize in particular) make sure you follow her blog. She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.Belize- Black Hole on Goodmigrations

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