Sting operation to bust disreputable movers

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Its unfortunate just how many scam artists are out there. Not just in the moving industry but in lots of different industries. Fake reviews and dishonest moving companies are just a couple of the things to look out for when moving overseas.


“We will be moving to Edinburgh this summer. We’ve begun hearing horror stories about international moving companies.

This was a which was recently posted on an expat forum called Expat
Its disappointing that so many people feel the same frustrations when moving overseas but do nothing to fix it. The United States sees over 45 million moves per year, including domestic,  it’s no surprise that some disreputable movers are able to still operate.

It shouldn’t be like this though and this is why we started GoodMigrations. We want real customer reviews to help drive business to the good international movers.
The ABC television network recently aired a segment on a couple that went undercover to bust a disreputable mover. You will see the horrible customer service. It’s incredible how terribly the mover treated these people (and it’s worth noting that the great majority of moving companies provide good service to their customers). Watch the video for yourself and maybe think twice about who you choose for your international move. (Video will open in a new window):
customers on a sting operation to bust disreputable mover



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