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A charming small town completely secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Median Home Rent (PER MONTH)

Studio / 1 BR
67% Complete


2 Bedrooms
80% Complete


3 Bedrooms
86% Complete


4 Bedrooms
100% Complete


Median Home Price

Studio / 1 BR
36% Complete


2 Bedrooms
63% Complete


3 Bedrooms
77% Complete


4 Bedrooms
100% Complete


Good For
  • Empty nesters / Retirees
  • Families
  • Singles


What’s around
  • 33 Restaurants
  • 2 Schools
  • 5 Grocery stores/markets
  • 1 Banks
  • 4 Nightlife options
  • 12 Fitness options
  • 19 Shops





City Island has a below average violent crime rate and a low property crime rate for New York City.


It's hard to believe that you're within the boundaries of New York City when you spend time on City Island. It feels like a secluded fishing village in the northeast, not a neighborhood in one of the biggest cities in the world. Residents speak of feeling like they're always on vacation in this bucolic place with a small town vibe. Kids can walk around without supervision without parents feeling paranoid.

This becomes a bustling destination for other New Yorkers during summer, who come for the great seafood restaurants and quaint shops located on the main corridor through town, City Island Avenue. But in winter it returns to the residents and the quiet – and the people who live here love that time.

You'll find a mix of empty nesters and younger people looking for a slower-paced lifestyle and affordable homes. And regardless of age, it's a popular spot for boating enthusiasts. Many people here own boats and there are several yacht clubs on the island – a fitting tribute to the island's past as a center for boatbuilding.

Housing-wise, there's a mix of cottages, bungalows, Victorian-style homes, shingled homes, and a few new developments. Some properties boast views of the Manhattan skyline.

Residents will be signing up for a fairly long commute into Manhattan, though it is faster to head to northern business hubs like White Plans and Stamford via car. You'll also have to contend with the fact that there's only one way on or off the island via a bridge; during commuting hours this quickly gets jammed up with traffic.

City Island is bordered on all sides by the Long Island Sound.


Wall Street: 20.1 miles / 50-90 minutes by car / 90-100 minutes by transit
Rockefeller Center: 16.2 miles / 50-80 minutes by car / 80 minutes by transit
Stamford: 23.8 miles / 35-55 minutes by car / 100 minutes by transit



Local Flavor   City Island LOCAL schools

Ps 175 City Island

Parent Rating:

Distance:0.24 mi

St Mary Star Of The Sea School

Parent Rating:

Distance:0.54 mi


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