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Crown Heights has an average violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for New York City.

  WHAT’S LIVING IN Crown Heights LIKE?

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Located in the center of Brooklyn, Crown Heights is a large, diverse neighborhood going through a transition. Like many other parts of Brooklyn it's gone through several phases over the past century and a half – wealthy enclave, immigrant destination, and down-on-its-luck community – and is now experiencing its latest rebirth. The primary driver, as with all things in New York, is the cost of living. It's still possible to find reasonably priced homes here whether you're renting or buying. However, prices are increasing quickly due to the influx of people escaping more expensive parts of the city.

You'll find a mix of brick apartment buildings in a range of conditions, public housing, historic rowhouses, and brownstones. A number of developments are bringing new housing to the market as well.

Franklin, Washington, and Nostrand Avenues are the commercial hubs here, boasting shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. The huge Caribbean population here has resulted in a good selection of Caribbean food. In recent years those spots have been joined by gourmet burger joints, beer halls, sushi, and more. A number of kosher restaurants serve the large Orthodox Jewish population. 

For those living in the western half of the neighborhood, you'll be a short walk to the 585 acres (237 hectares) of Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, which has everything from ancient Egyptian relics to contemporary paintings, and the 52 acre Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which hosts the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. In the corner of the neighborhood is the Barclays Center, a massive arena complex that hosts professional basketball and hockey games, boxing matches, concerts, and other events.

There are a dozen schools within Crown Heights' boundaries serving children of all ages.

Crown Heights is bordered on the north by Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant, on the east by Brownsville, on the south by East Flatbush and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, and on the west by Prospect Park and Prospect Heights.


Wall Street: 5.7 miles / 25-55 minutes by car / 30 minutes by transit
Rockefeller Center: 10 miles / 40-80 minutes by car / 45-50 minutes by transit
Jersey City: 11.9 miles / 40-80 minutes by car / 55 minutes by transit
Downtown Brooklyn: 3.5 miles / 15-40 minutes by car / 30 minutes by transit / 30 minutes by bike

Crown Heights New York City Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Crown Heights LOCAL schools

PK-4, 6-7 GRADES
The Cush Campus Schools
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.05 mi
Bnos Chomesh Academy
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.13 mi
Ps 289 George V Brower
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.13 mi
Arista Prep Academy & Nursery School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.15 mi
Arista Prep School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.15 mi


Local Flavor   Crown Heights Local Flavor

Tom's Diner

Tom's has been around for decades and keeps it old school and simple with great food. The pancakes in particular are famous.

Chavela's 736 FRANKLIN AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11238 MAP

This restaurant has delicious, affordable, authentic Mexican food. It was at the vanguard of new restaurants coming to Franklin Avenue.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden 990 WASHINGTON AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11225 MAP

Founded in 1910, the garden has 52 acres of flowers, plants, and trees and hosts events throughout the year, including the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

The Islands

This highly rated restaurant offers authentic Caribbean food in a simple setting. Definitely a "hidden" gem.

Berg'n 899 BERGEN ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11238 MAP

Berg'n is a giant beer hall with long, communal tables, a large selection of beers, and a diverse food menu.

Owl & Thistle General Store
Owl & Thistle General Store 833 FRANKLIN AVE, NEW YORK, NY 11225 MAP

Owl & Thistle scours the globe to bring unique items to Brooklyn. From locally made dresses (some made here) and chocolates to organic soaps.

Photo Credits: Thanks to @Paul Stein , @Cinty Ionescu , @c_pichler, @Olaf , @Heath Alseike , @Edward Blake , @Barney Bishop , @mo60222, @iblanklocation, @theyouthfarm, @homesbydixon, @crownheightsteve for your great photos of this neighborhood! 


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