Expert Expat Spotlight: Laura And Peter Down Under

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Making the decision to move overseas can be a tough one at times. However, we don’t think that was the case for Laura and Peter of Laura and Peter Down Under. Their opportunity to leave Minnesota in the U.S to live and discover the fabulous city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia was an easy one. With so much to see, do and eat there are endless opportunities for newness and exploration.
Laura and Peter Down Under

Lets hear more from Laura…

What initiated your move to Australia?
We moved to Melbourne in July 2014 because my husband took a job working with a local University. We had always planned to travel, so once the opportunity became available with my husband’s company we knew right away it was something we wanted to do!

What do you enjoy most about being an American expat in Australian?
I love getting to explore a brand new city in a country I had never been to before we moved. There is always something new to see and some aspect of Australian culture to learn about that can’t be fully explored on a week’s vacation. I also love that we have the opportunity to travel around Australia and see everything this beautiful country has to offer!

What’s the best part about living in Melbourne, Australia?
The food culture in Melbourne is unreal! There are so many amazing places to eat; I still haven’t scratched the surface. People are also very friendly and the weather is pleasant year-round. There are really SO many good things about living in Melbourne.

What’s the hardest part about living in Melbourne, Australia?
Sometimes I miss American conveniences, like Target, and also everything is so expensive here! Aside from those things, I would say the hardest part about living abroad in general is being so far away from friends and family. I don’t really deal with homesickness on a regular basis, but there are definitely times I wish I lived closer!

What was the biggest culture shock of your new location?
As I mentioned, the prices were a definite shock. Also, the slower pace of life in Australia was pretty evident from the beginning. This can be a great thing in terms of work-life balance, but can also be frustrating because there isn’t that sense of urgency to get things done. Things are much more laid back.

Would you live abroad again? If so, where?
Absolutely! I think living in Europe would be great and would provide so many opportunities to travel, but I’d really be open to living anywhere for a few years.

Savory or Sweet? Sweet

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Sun or Snow?
Definitely sun. I grew up in Minnesota, so I’ve had enough snow for one lifetime :).
Laura and Peter Down Under

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