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Katherine Fenech, of Bright Lights of America, is an Australian living the expat life in San Francisco. Her new life in San Francisco is a far cry from the life she had in Sydney. However, two cities could not have more similarities. Both are cities surrounded by water, both have an incredibly high cost of living where rent is a huge expense and both offer great food options. San Francisco gets a bad weather rap but let’s hear more from Katherine.

What initiated your move abroad?
I’ve always been a traveler – whether it be visiting my family in Malta, spending a sneaky weekend in Melbourne, or traipsing around Europe. My first expat experience was in London, which I adored, so when a job came up in San Francisco I knew that the idea of moving across the world shouldn’t hold me back. I jumped at the chance because I hadn’t had the chance to properly explore the US yet and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to get started!
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Expert Expat Spotlight: Gwen John from It Started In LA

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Making the decision to leave your home country is never an easy one. It almost always means leaving behind friends and family and that sense of comfort that you grew up under-appreciating. Living overseas is not for everyone but our Expert Expat, Gwen, from It Started In LA, and her husband, were two brave souls that decided to make the leap. Work took them across the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles, California but they aren’t wasting any time exploring their new home. Lets hear what it is like to be an Australian expat living in Los Angeles. Read more…

Expert Expat Spotlight With A Mother Life

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Moving overseas is not always by choice. Sometimes, as in the case of Molley Mills from A Mother Life, it was her husband’s job that forced them to move far away from home. As an Australian expat living in New York City,  not only would the culture and lifestyle be different, but the weather was a big change as well!

Adjusting to a new city, whether across town, across the country or across the world, takes time. I always recommend giving it 6-12 months before throwing in the towel. Read more…

Expert Expat Spotlight: Swiss Wife from An Expat Wife

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Speaking with expats on a regular basis has given me huge insight into the world of life overseas. Many of these expats are in different stages of their adventure. Some moving aboard for the first time, some returning home after years overseas and other are still on the move.

Swiss Wife, from An Expat Wife,  is the later of those. She’s a Brit by birth but has lived overseas since the young age of 34. She currently lives in Switzerland but her time abroad in the US and Singapore has given her the right to be called an “Expert Expat.” This invaluable experience gives her an incredible understanding of people and what it means to really “live.” Lets hear more from her now. Read more…

Expert Expat Spotlight: Two Weeks In Costa Rica

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We all dream of no longer spending our days tied to the desk of corporate America. Matt and Jenn, from Two Weeks In Costa Rica, made their dream come true after leaving Boston to take a chance on a new more entrepreneurial life in a country located between Panama and Nicaragua. What was suppose to be a 2 week holiday has now become 2 years living the expat life. This interview struck a cord with me as I personally, have had the exact same feelings when deciding to live the expat life. Lets hear from them now.

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