Expat in San Francisco- Bright Lights of America

Katherine Fenech, of Bright Lights of America, is an Australian living the expat life in San Francisco. Her new life in San Francisco is a far cry from the life she had in Sydney. However, two cities could not have more similarities. Both are cities surrounded by water, both have an incredibly high cost of […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: Gwen John from It Started In LA

Making the decision to leave your home country is never an easy one. It almost always means leaving behind friends and family and that sense of comfort that you grew up under-appreciating. Living overseas is not for everyone but our Expert Expat, Gwen, from It Started In LA, and her husband, were two brave souls […]

Expert Expat Spotlight With A Mother Life

Moving overseas is not always by choice. Sometimes, as in the case of Molley Mills from A Mother Life, it was her husband’s job that forced them to move far away from home. As an Australian expat living in New York City,  not only would the culture and lifestyle be different, but the weather was […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: Swiss Wife from An Expat Wife

Speaking with expats on a regular basis has given me huge insight into the world of life overseas. Many of these expats are in different stages of their adventure. Some moving aboard for the first time, some returning home after years overseas and other are still on the move. Swiss Wife, from An Expat Wife,  […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: Two Weeks In Costa Rica

We all dream of no longer spending our days tied to the desk of corporate America. Matt and Jenn, from Two Weeks In Costa Rica, made their dream come true after leaving Boston to take a chance on a new more entrepreneurial life in a country located between Panama and Nicaragua. What was suppose to […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: The Philippines Expat

Many people dream of the day they get to leave city life and move abroad to a tropical island. Many people dream but never do. Not our expert expat Jonny Lis from ThePhilippinesExpat.com. He had nothing but a few bags and left his crazy busy life back in London to live on the tropical island […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: The Chicago Files with Cher Garman

Some people might not think that moving abroad from Canada across the border to The United States of America is that big of a deal. However, at the end of the day, any distance from family and friends can make a move away from home more daunting. Especially, when the things that remind you of […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: Laura And Peter Down Under

Making the decision to move overseas can be a tough one at times. However, we don’t think that was the case for Laura and Peter of Laura and Peter Down Under. Their opportunity to leave Minnesota in the U.S to live and discover the fabulous city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia was an easy one. […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: Asa Duffy from Beyond the Coastlines

The motivations to move abroad are different for everyone but it’s always heart-warming when you hear that love can still be the reason.  Asa Duffy from Beyond the Coastlines, is our Expert Expat Spotlight for this month and she did just that. After hearing from a friend living in New Zealand that a flame from […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: Karen and Allyson from “Life with Karlly”

This month’s Expert Expat Spotlight is with Karen and Allyson from “Life with Karlly”. These two young ladies relocated from the Philippines to the hot and sandy terrain of Doha, the capital city of Qatar. The decision to move abroad was an easy one and choosing Qatar was even easier since they have family there. […]

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