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Zuid is an upscale collection of a few smaller neighborhoods with reminders of its Olympian past.
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Zuid has a below average violent crime rate and an average property crime rate for Amsterdam.


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Saying you live in Amsterdam's Zuid borough immediately labels you as wealthy. However, the borough of Zuid is more than just the posh Apollobuurt and the elegant and leafy Oud Zuid. De Pijp and Rivierenbuurt are part of the Zuid borough as well, for instance.

Zuid the neighborhood is actually a collection of a few areas. You've got the streets around Hoofddorpplein and the adjacent Schinkelbuurt, which is a slightly isolated part of what is still considered central Amsterdam. Just southeast of these, where Apollolaan and Oud Zuid meet, is the Stadionbuurt, an architecturally renowned development from the 1920s. These three parts combined make up what locals would call Amsterdam Zuid, the neighborhood (yes, it can get a bit confusing).

The streets around the old Olympic Stadium, built for the 1928 Summer Olympics, all bear the names of Greek gods and mythological figures. Apartments here are usually quite small and often still part of the stock of social housing associations.

The closer you get to the stadium however, the more housing is privately owned or free sector rentals, meaning they are not rent controlled. New developments around the Stadium square include exclusive buildings with private swimming pools and gyms. 

Across the Schinkel, the canal leading from IJ River inlands, and still used by barges today, are the Hoofddorpplein and Schinkel neighborhoods. As their zip codes start with 105 instead of Zuid's more traditional 107, some feel these should not be considered Zuid, but the much less desirable West. However, locals living here take great pride in being able to say they live in Amsterdam Zuid.

Along the shores of the canal, there are still some old skipper houses and warehouses, and even an old farm! But most of the streets are dotted with 1930 apartment buildings.

Whereas less than 10 years ago single buyers would look here for a starter home, prices have since soared, making it hard to buy here alone. The ground floor apartments are often joined with the ones above, making these a favorite for families who happily pay a premium for them. The smaller apartments are still in high demand with couples in their pre-baby stage.

The A10 ring road has two exits servicing Amsterdam Zuid (three if you include the one just of Surinameplein where Zuid and West meet). Several tram lines, buses and Amsterdam’s second largest train station at nearby Zuidas mean that this is one of the best-connected neighborhoods of Amsterdam. That is reflected in the price you pay to live here and while it's relatively affordable compared to its posher neighbors, it's still considerably more than in many other parts of town.

Zuid is bordered on the north by Oud Zuid, on the east by Apollobuurt, on the south by Zuidas, and on the west by Westlandgracht.

Zuid Amsterdam Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   Zuid LOCAL schools

Basisschool Geert Groote 1
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool Geert Groote 2
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool Olympia
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
EJ van Detschool
Government Rating:
School Phase:Special education
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Type:Generally special


Local Flavor   Zuid Local Flavor

Butchers Tears
Butchers Tears KARPERWEG 45, 1075 LB AMSTERDAM MAP

A truly wonderful small brewery and tasting room serving specialty, handcrafted beers. It is located in an area that is a hidden gem in its own right. Ramshackle warehouses and storage buildings housing goodwill shops and workshops line the few streets of this derelict industrial zone behind a large tram shed. With some of Amsterdam’s prime zip codes just a stone’s throw away, it’s hard to believe developers haven’t moved in yet. Very welcoming to all beer lovers and their friends and family.

Haarlemmermeerstation AMSTELVEENSEWEG 266, 1075 XV AMSTERDAM MAP

This old, no longer used train station now houses a café and restaurant and is also a venue for parties, weddings, and business events. It has changed ownership quite a few times, so the menu and décor are anything but consistent, but the building alone is worth a visit. The private terrace in the back is very inviting on summer nights. Great place for groups and families.

Gent aan de Schinkel

The Schinkel River was turned into a canal to allow barges to sail from the IJ to their inland destinations. It is still used as such and since it's also a tall mast boat route, you can see a variety of boats sailing through here everyday. This cozy café, with wonderful and sun soaked terrace, has a great view of the drawbridge opening and closing to allow private boats, barges, and more to sail through, providing marvelous, boat... watching

Huis te Vraag

Opposite a five story block of apartments sits this old cemetery. Burials are no longer permitted here, but the old graves and glorious fauna are preserved with the aid of the artist couple living on the grounds. Locals have tried to secure protected historic status for the cemetery and houses on the little street next to it, but were not successful. However, a planned new development that called for the demolishing of those houses was stopped. The cemetery and the surrounding streets and small barge horse path with a variety of houseboats make for a great stroll.

Olympic Stadium

Built for the 1928 Summer Olympics, the stadium now houses a variety of creative companies and restaurants and is home to many events, often with a sports-related theme. The building is worth a closer inspection for architecture lovers. Customized tours will tell you all about the history and current use of the stadium. 

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