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At the time of this writing, the planned skyscraper city on Zeeburgereiland was still merely a plan and Amsterdam was still a town of modesty when it comes to high rises. The city skyline is reminiscent of a small American city, with a few skyscrapers scattered along the horizon indicating the main business districts.

One is these business areas is in Zuidoost, the other is the compact hub at Amstel Station, and the new addition to this mix is the more ambitious business district of Zuidas. This is where Amsterdam really started thinking bigger. Tower after tower was erected and what was once a bit of wasteland around the train station has become one of the busiest parts of town.

The World Trade Center, opened in 1985, sparked the building spree. Now most of the office towers house the headquarters of banks, law and accountancy firms and business hubs for industries servicing these.

The exact borders of this district are not clear -- Google maps includes the VU University, Hospital, RAI convention center, and even some residential parts of neighboring Zuid. But any Amsterdammer will agree that the VU University and hospital are in Buitenveldert, RAI is in Rivierenbuurt, and the owners of those posh villas above Strawinskylaan will very much prefer to say they live in Zuid, thank you very much.

This means that Zuidas is more or less bordered by the long De Boelelaan road to the south, the A10 ringroad and Strawinskylaan to the north, Europaboulevard to the east and the houseboat, and the yacht harbor in the Nieuwe Meer to the west.

In between the office towers, a few elegant high rises and smaller residential buildings house a variety of apartments. Some are opulent and luxurious, often boasting magnificent views of Amsterdam and locales farther afield. Others are smaller, moderately priced rental units. And then there are all types of homes in between, ranging from studio apartments to two story townhomes with gardens, both owned and rented. They are all new, and pretty much all offer a parking spot in the many underground parking garages. Some buildings even have concierge services, private gyms, and pools.

Most people living here are professionals, and more often than not, they live here temporarily as expats or while waiting for their real home elsewhere to be finished. However, with a good offering of restaurants, excellent proximity to town, major roads and good public transport, living here is actually pretty good.  And if you are on the road a lot, you’ll love the very short commute to the airport -- less than ten minutes by train and you’re there.

Zuidas is bordered on the north by Zuid, on the east by Riverienbuurt, on the south by Buitenveldert, and on the west by Nieuwe Meer.

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Local Flavor   Zuidas Local Flavor

Juice Brothers

Picture this: it's 2013 and four Amsterdam-based friends are enjoying a boat trip on a warm summer night. They share their love for cold pressed juices they tasted around the globe and how they missed these in Amsterdam. The rest is history and these friends now have seven juice shops in the greater Amsterdam area. If you share their love for juices, juice fasts, and other natural goodies, this is the place to be.

De Nieuwe Poort

This elegant looking restaurant and bar wants to be a place for inspiration and meeting new people. They offer coaching sessions, inspirational talks, spiritual meetings and gatherings, and walk- in dinners for anyone looking to meet new and interesting people. But if you are just looking for a place to enjoy a nice lunch, coffee, or drink in a very well designed setting, you’ll like it here, too.

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