What You Need to Know About Moving Pets Overseas

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When moving overseas many of us instantly think about where we will move, what we will ship, and how everything will get there. It is not uncommon for us to forget about one very important family member… our pets. Whether you are relocating abroad with a cat or dog or some other furry (or feathery) friend, our pets are family members and moving pets overseas requires research and careful consideration.

Let’s dive right in.

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Pet Restrictions: Things to Know Before You Move Abroad

Kate  @goodmigrations

Moving pets overseas can sound intimidating, but it’s a necessity! From fish to hamsters and from cats to dogs, we consider all members of our scaly, furry, and hairy house guests a part of the family. Moving overseas without our four-legged family members is not an option for many of us. Before boarding your plane (and before even booking the flight), it’s important to know the steps involved in pet relocation when moving overseas and to know which countries have pet restrictions.
Countries with Pet Restrictions

Moving overseas and leaving your pet behind is not an option. They are family after all! Here are three things to consider when preparing to move abroad with a pet: Read more…

Pet Relocation – Getting Your Furry Friend Overseas Safely

Kate  @goodmigrations

It’s not just us, the travelers and expats, who get excited about moving abroad… our pets do too! A stroll around the Louvre, balcony views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or a game of catch around Central Park, we just want to give our furry friends the best. That’s why getting them to their new home safe and comfortable requires some careful planning and attention to detail.

It goes without saying that your pet’s well-being should always be the main concern when transporting them overseas. Traveling can be a stressful experience for any person and that only multiplies for an animal whose flight seat is in a travel carrier. And as you may expect, all airlines have different regulations when it comes to bringing pets on board so it might pay off to contact a few different companies before booking your ticket.

Before you decide to bring your animal friend overseas with you, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions first.

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