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This relaxed residential neighborhood in Amsterdam's Noord has plenty of affordable housing.
Studio / 1 BR
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2 Bedrooms
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3 Bedrooms
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4 Bedrooms
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Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Empty nesters / Retirees
  • Families


What's around
  • 22 Shops
  • 2 Fitness options
  • 3 Restaurants
  • 3 Grocery stores/markets
  • 0 Banks
  • 0 Nightlife options





  WHAT’S LIVING IN Banne Buiksloot LIKE?

With Tuindorp Buiksloot, Buikslotermeer, Buiksloterham, and the old village of Buiksloot, it's no wonder people get confused about these different neighborhoods. To add to the confusion, there’s Banne Buiksloot. ‘Banne’ means jurisdiction, a district where a magistrate had full authority on what the law dictated. The name stuck and was given to the polder that was once here; the ‘Buiksloot’ part referring to the nearby village that gave its name to so many more neighborhoods.

Banne Buiksloot, often shortened to just ‘de Banne’, is a predominantly residential neighborhood, with a mix of social housing and privately owned stock. It was developed in the 1960s, with additions in the 70s, the 80s (when the Boven IJ Hospital was built), and more recently the 90s and first decades of the 21st Century. There are high-rise flats, smaller, three story apartment buildings, townhouses, and some very pleasant streets with detached villas.

The neighbourhood has seen its fair share of problems. Where the population was once a good mix of families, pensioners, and new Amsterdammers, by the end of the 1990s it was seen as a mostly immigrant neighborhood. As most people were renters, it lacked a sense of pride, resulting in petty crime, littering, and bored youth roaming the streets.

But the city and council did a great job of revamping some of the more notorious streets. Newer developments with attractive, privately owned homes resulted in a more diverse population eager to make it work. This brought in a newfound ‘Banne pride’. People like living here. It’s close to town, to the main shopping center in Noord, the new metro line and to roads leading to other parts of the country. Plus, it’s quiet and green.

The housing stock offers something for everyone. Families will love the townhouses or large detached homes and singles or people on a budget will appreciate the walk-up apartments. Big city buffs might find it a bit too suburban here, and you shouldn't expect anything hip and happening. And because of its distinct residential architecture, it will probably never gain the same popularity as the grittier, more industrial parts in Noord. But since those 'hoods are nearby, why not test the waters and enjoy quiet living with hustle and bustle just around the corner?

Banne Buiksloot is bordered on the north by Landsmeer, on the east by Buikslotermeer, on the south by Van der Pekbuurt and Volewijck, and on the west by Kadoelen.

Banne Buiksloot Amsterdam Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   Banne Buiksloot LOCAL schools

Basisschool De Botteloef
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Type:Roman Catholic
Basisschool De Driemaster
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool De Vier Windstreken
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
IKC Zeven Zeeen
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Prof. Waterinkschool
Government Rating:
School Phase:Special education


Local Flavor   Banne Buiksloot Local Flavor


This particularly picturesque church is the oldest monument in Amsterdam Noord. The original church dates back to the middle ages, but the current structure was erected in 1710. It sits between the Buiksloterdijk, with its distinct, old Dutch architecture, and a 1990s neighborhood, adding to the surprising charm. It now hosts cultural and literary events for young and old alike.

Banne Centrum

This newly renovated shopping mall offers a basic selection of shops and some restaurants. It's nothing to write home about, but convenient for the basics and groceries.

Speeltuin de Zeeslag
Speeltuin de Zeeslag PARLEVINKERPAD 40, 1034 JE AMSTERDAM MAP

In the middle of a small park, in between apartment blocks, you’ll find this castle-themed playground. It's a great place for kids to play outside. They also offer a variety of workshops, play sessions, and musical events inside.


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