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This is a quiet, charming neighborhood that can feel worlds away from the city.
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Kadoelen has a low violent crime rate and a low property crime rate for Amsterdam.


Kadoelen is the Noord neighborhood furthest from the main, 24-hour ferry landing. Maybe that’s why -- despite its proximity to NDSM werf and the two ferry landings there -- this part of Noord is still relatively undiscovered.

The names of some of the streets reveal its historic link to the port industry. But Stoombootweg (Steam Boat road) feels very far from the busy port. If anything, it feels undeniably rural in some parts with detached homes, some old farms, and the only remaining ‘polder’ within the main highway encircling Amsterdam.

Kadoelen is more or less bordered by Kadoelenweg in the east, the A10 ring road in the north and west and Landsmeerdijk and Zuideinde in the south. All but the A10 are dotted with pretty old homes.

The leafy Kadoelenweg is the road that gave this part of town its name. It runs from the very pretty Landsmeerdijk, part of the old string of sea dykes in Noord, to the underpass of the A10 where it leads into Landsmeer. On the other end, more towards the west, the old Landsmeerdijk leads into the busier Zuideinde, which will take you to the bordering village of Oostzaan.

The homes here are a pleasant mix of old dyke homes, 1930s family homes, the occasional farm, and newer detached homes. Closer to the A10 however, there are less quaint developments from the 1960s up to the 1990s where you'll also find apartments. Smaller, newer developments are being built that are increasingly popular.

Kids from here tend to cycle to the high schools (ages 12 and up) in the other end of Noord or in town. There are grammar and primary schools nearby though.

Because it's lesser known and not on the "it" list of neighborhoods, homes can be found for good value here. The mix of stock also works for any budgets. You can expect to pay a lot more for the large and attractive homes along the prettier streets, but the apartments in the less attractive parts and even the smaller family homes are very affordable compared to Amsterdam standards. Hurry though, as Noord is gaining in popularity!

Kadoelen is bordered on the north by Landsmeer, on the east by Banne Buiksloot, on the south by Tuindorp Oostzaan, and on the west by Oostzanerwerf.

Kadoelen Amsterdam Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   Kadoelen LOCAL schools

Basisschool De Krijtmolen
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool Twiske
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Kolom praktijkcollege noord
Government Rating:
School Phase:Practical education
Oecumenische basisschool De Bonkelaar
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary


Local Flavor   Kadoelen Local Flavor

Tuincentrum de Groenwinkel
Tuincentrum de Groenwinkel ADRIAAN LOOSJESSTRAAT 40, 1035 XS AMSTERDAM MAP

This might be the smallest nursery/garden center in town. It sits along a green square in a 1960s suburb and is easy to miss. But those lucky enough to find it are in for a treat. The knowledgeable owner comes from a family of gardeners and seems to keep this little shop as a hobby. He closes most days in winter and takes long summer vacations, but when open he is there to help you pick the best plants and flowers for your garden or balcony.


This is the only self-drained polder left within Amsterdam’s main ring road boundaries. It was drained in the 17th Century and has survived floods and urban developments since then. Currently, its preservation is secured by an enthusiastic group of people united in an association that offers membership. They organize activities like nature walks, bird watching, and plenty of kid’s activities.

Café Koffiehuis Kadoelen
Café Koffiehuis Kadoelen LANDSMEERDIJK 195, 1035 PV AMSTERDAM MAP

The absence of a website is because there is currently no café or coffee house here. But the location, the wonderful old building designed as a halfway house and bar and the need for a proper café here are all ingredients for a hit. Yet, somehow, nobody has dared to invest here. Most likely because people are scared to aim for the new crowd yet, and the old crowd has less need for a local pub. Maybe you are eager to take the plunge?

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