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An up-and-comer just northeast of Downtown Los Angeles.
Studio / 1 BR
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2 Bedrooms
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Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Families


What's around
  • 80 Shops
  • 31 Fitness options
  • 48 Restaurants
  • 14 Grocery stores/markets
  • 2 Banks
  • 9 Nightlife options




Glassell Park has an violent crime rate and an average property crime rate for Los Angeles.

  WHAT’S LIVING IN Glassell Park LIKE?

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Glassell Park is a hilly neighborhood northeast of DTLA with good highway access and cheaper home prices than some of its more fashionable neighbors. Its twisting roads are mostly home to modest single-family houses and cute bungalows though you'll find some apartments on the main thoroughfares. This area draws home buyers looking for historic character with classic California living. 

There are a number of fast food and casual style restaurants in the neighborhood offering Mexican, Filipino, and Asian fare. You'll also find a few cafes, including the popular Lemon Poppy Kitchen. Nightlife is limited to just a few options, but one of them is the highly rated Verdugo bar: it has a large craft beer menu, an outdoor patio, and often hosts live music. 

On hot summer days the neighborhood Glassell Park Pool fills up with locals.

The schools in the area are not particularly good and a couple have earned poor marks.

Glassell Park is bordered on the north by Glendale, on the east by Eagle Rock, on the south by Mount Washington and Cypress Park, and on the west by Atwater Village and Silver Lake


Burbank: 8.8 miles / 15-25 minutes by car / 45-65 minutes by transit
Century City: 15.9 miles / 50-90 minutes by car / 100-110 minutes by transit
Downtown LA: 6.3 miles / 20-45 minutes by car / 55-60 minutes by transit
Santa Monica: 19.7 miles / 50-100 minutes by car / 100-130 minutes by transit

Glassell Park Los Angeles Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Glassell Park LOCAL schools

St. Bernard Elementary School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.23 mi
Glassell Park Elementary School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.38 mi
Integrated Pathways To Knowledge
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.42 mi
Renaissance Arts Academy
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.49 mi
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.52 mi


Local Flavor   Glassell Park Local Flavor

Glassell Pool
Glassell Pool 3704 VERDUGO RD. LOS ANGELES, CA 90065 MAP

Glassell Park’s public pool is your typical city pool: affordable and well-kept if not a bit spartan. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a nearby neighborhood pool, but don’t always expect to find the most luxurious amenities and upkeep in here.

Lemon Poppy Kitchen
Lemon Poppy Kitchen 3324 VERDUGO ROAD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90065 MAP

If you're tired of the usual, uninspiring breakfast and lunch choices most restaurants offer, you will be thrilled to have found Lemon Poppy Kitchen! Choose from our selection of sweet pastries, savory snacks, aromatic coffees, and so much more, and you'll discover delicious new ways to wake up your taste buds.

Polka Polish Restaurant
Polka Polish Restaurant 4112 VERDUGO RD. LOS ANGELES, CA 90065 MAP

Polish cuisine techniques meets it hospitality to create a fine dining experience distinct than other. Where the “Polish “style of service comes straight from the heart, and where any occasion becomes a memorable evening.

Eagle Rock Brewery
Eagle Rock Brewery 3056 ROSWELL STREET, LOS ANGELES CA 90065 MAP

Eagle Rock Brewery is dedicated to the production of unique artisanal beers using the best ingredients to promote the ongoing development of the beer community in Los Angeles.

Photo Credits: Thanks to @jencp666, @omarlgarza, @olivehornblower, @nelahomes, @suzannelmasterson, @funky.cold.molina, @gp.mollytaylor, @goldcat_f, @tanneryo, @ciclavalley, @littlehousebigprairie, @snowthedawg, @joe4cd1, @joelmathews, @tracyandkeely, @ibrennda, @sholpikk, @Umberto Brayj, @Laurie Avocado, @Jeremy Levine for your great photos of this neighborhood! 


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