Expat in San Francisco- Bright Lights of America

Katherine Fenech, of Bright Lights of America, is an Australian living the expat life in San Francisco. Her new life in San Francisco is a far cry from the life she had in Sydney. However, two cities could not have more similarities. Both are cities surrounded by water, both have an incredibly high cost of […]

Pet Restrictions: Things to Know Before You Move Abroad

Moving pets overseas can sound intimidating, but it’s a necessity! From fish to hamsters and from cats to dogs, we consider all members of our scaly, furry, and hairy house guests a part of the family. Moving overseas without our four-legged family members is not an option for many of us. Before boarding your plane (and […]

The IKEA Global Price Index: To Ship Or Not To Ship

“Do I ship my stuff to my new home or do I sell it and replace it in my new country?” That is the question many expats are forced to ask when deciding what to pack (or not pack) when moving overseas. For many people, this question comes down to cost: is it cheaper to […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: Gwen John from It Started In LA

Making the decision to leave your home country is never an easy one. It almost always means leaving behind friends and family and that sense of comfort that you grew up under-appreciating. Living overseas is not for everyone but our Expert Expat, Gwen, from It Started In LA, and her husband, were two brave souls […]

Expert Expat Spotlight With A Mother Life

Moving overseas is not always by choice. Sometimes, as in the case of Molley Mills from A Mother Life, it was her husband’s job that forced them to move far away from home. As an Australian expat living in New York City,  not only would the culture and lifestyle be different, but the weather was […]

2016 Top Places To Retire Abroad

Our friends at International Living started 35 years ago with a mission to educate people about the possibilities of a life overseas. For much of their history, they’ve been publishing a retirement index of the best locations to retire abroad. This annual index measures important categories in each country, such as the cost of Buying […]

Expat Life Retirement

Expert Expat Spotlight: Swiss Wife from An Expat Wife

Speaking with expats on a regular basis has given me huge insight into the world of life overseas. Many of these expats are in different stages of their adventure. Some moving aboard for the first time, some returning home after years overseas and other are still on the move. Swiss Wife, from An Expat Wife,  […]

Pet Relocation – Getting Your Furry Friend Overseas Safely

It’s not just us, the travelers and expats, who get excited about moving abroad… our pets do too! A stroll around the Louvre, balcony views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or a game of catch around Central Park, we just want to give our furry friends the best. That’s why getting them to their new […]

Expert Expat Spotlight: Two Weeks In Costa Rica

We all dream of no longer spending our days tied to the desk of corporate America. Matt and Jenn, from Two Weeks In Costa Rica, made their dream come true after leaving Boston to take a chance on a new more entrepreneurial life in a country located between Panama and Nicaragua. What was suppose to […]

Foreign Currency Exchange: 6 Tips For Expats

Cash. Credit. Debit. Cheques. There have been lots of discussions on different expat forums about foreign currency exchange and the right way to go about exchanging your hard earned money. Here’s what some people are saying: Jeff, a business traveler says: “I use the bank to order my foreign currency.” Dave, a frequent leisure traveler […]

Expat Life Money Travel

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