How to Move Abroad on a Budget (10 Moving Hacks)

The cost of moving to a new country can be expensive endeavor…particularly as you get older and accumulate nice things. When you are young and single, it’s easy to sell all your stuff, pack a few suitcases, and couch surf until you get on your feet. However, for many (most?) of us this is not a […]

Expat Toolkit: Getting Health Insurance Overseas

Let’s be honest: finding decent health insurance is difficult. As an expat, finding health insurance after you’ve moved overseas can be difficult. Every country has its own healthcare system and since your family’s health is at stake, you want to make sure you have the right care. To help you figure out the right coverage for your family, […]

The Expats’ toolkit: Translation Apps

As a coffee lover, I always look forward to sipping a cup of java in the city I’m about to explore. My usual routine is to ask a local where their favorite cup of coffee is. Since I’m not multilingual, there were multiple times that I needed some help in order to ask the million-dollar […]

6 Ways to Sleep Abroad – All Without a Hotel

If you’re feeling creative, there are lots of ways to feel comfortable and cozy while sleeping during your travels abroad – all without staying at a single hotel. We’ve explored a few options to give your next morning coffee abroad a new view: Sleep in a Swag Swag (n): traveling with ones personal belongings in […]

Expat Toolkit: 6 tools for staying connected long distance

(Check out our latest article on How to Stay Connected and Keep Your Phone Number After Moving Abroad.) Staying connected with your family and friends can be difficult when you move abroad. As an expat living in Sydney with family on the east coast of the United States, there were only a few hours during the day […]

Expat Toolkit: Comparing the cost of living

One of the most important things to consider when moving abroad is the cost of living in the destination country. If your company is relocating you then you’ll want this information so you can determine how much compensation you’ll need to live the lifestyle you want. Or if you’re retiring abroad you need to know […]

Expat Toolkit: 3 websites to learn a new language

I was lucky: I moved to a country where everyone speaks the same language I do. Granted, some of the slang in Australia is decidedly foreign to me. It was a huge relief walking off the plane for the first time and being able to communicate with people around me, to find out where services […]

Expat Toolkit: Ways to discover your new city

Moving to a new city, let alone a new country, can be extremely disorienting. New culture, new neighborhoods, new street names, new restaurants. Whenever I move somewhere new, I like to go for long runs exploring the area. It helps me get a feel for the different areas and mentally map where things are and […]

Expat Toolkit: 5 tools for making new friends

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming. To help you hit the ground running, we’re starting a blog series called the “Expat Toolkit”. Each post will focus on an aspect of expat life and recommend a number of resources to help. Our inaugural post touches on something high up the list for everyone: meeting new […]

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