7 Best Interstate Movers of 2023

Moving across state lines can be a logistical nightmare, especially if you’re moving a family, a vehicle, or a large household. But it doesn’t have to be when you do your research, plan ahead, and choose one of our seven best interstate moving companies to handle the job to your standards. Comparing the Best Interstate […]

8 Best International Movers of 2023

Domestic moves can have a lot of moving parts but international moves are another beast entirely. Every good moving plan starts with the right support from experts you can trust. Whether you’re moving to Canada, Europe, Australia, or somewhere else new and exciting, the top international moving companies will be there for you every step […]

The Hidden Costs and Fees of Moving

Don’t be caught off guard with the hidden costs of moving. Moving is an expensive undertaking. Local moves, are estimated to cost an average of $1,250, with long-distance moves of 1,000 miles and above bound to set you back approximately $5K ($4,890 to be exact). Thats no chump change. One often overlooked aspect is that […]

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5 ways expats can stay mentally healthy during quarantine

As countries across the globe continue the battle against Covid-19, a ‘second curve’ is threatening millions of people – the consequences of the pandemic on our mental health. For expats, feeling isolated and lonely are often very common emotions. These feelings are likely to intensify by the travel restrictions that are preventing us from returning […]

How to Keep Your Phone Number When Moving Abroad

*Originally published on September 15, 2017 but has since been updated to reflect new information. A decision many expats must make is how to stay connected with family and friends back home after they move overseas. For individuals moving within the EU, the dilemma of keeping a phone number when moving to a new country […]

The 10 Hardest Visas to Get in The World

You wouldn’t be wrong to assume the hardest part of traveling the world is saving up to cover the costs of flights. However, have you ever considered whether you can even get a visa or how time-consuming it will be? Some of the most epic journeys you can take, such as the Trans-Siberian Railway or walking the […]


How to find a roommate in Seattle, WA

With Seattle’s gorgeous mountains and lakes, a bustling tech scene, and abundant coffee culture, it’s easy to want to call this the Emerald city home. However, with housing prices around all major US cities rising it can be difficult to live on your own. According to Zillow, Seattle’s average $2,000 rental price for a 1 […]

Expats Guide to Healthcare in the U.S.

When it comes to health insurance, it can be a bit of bore, but the truth may lie in its lack of transparency and understanding by many. When you hear the terms co-pay, premiums and out-of-network it can make the head ring. As an Expat, it’s important to understand the system, the terminology and what’s […]


Celebrating Halloween in London as an Expat

Back in 2010 my husband and I left the concrete jungle of New York City to move to Sydney, Australia and test it out for a few years. It was a great experience filled with so much. But it also gave us the opportunity to learn about a new culture and celebrate new holidays.  We […]

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Cost of living around the world- what will $100 buy you?

When living or traveling overseas, it still always amazes me how much, or how little, your money will get you in another country. Knowing exchange rates is very important to every traveler’s experience. Being wise in money will ensure you are better prepared but also help ensure you will not be taken for a ride […]

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