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The City of Los Angeles covers more than 500 square miles (1300 sq km) and there are other parts of what is considered LA that aren’t technically part of the city. This means there are hundreds of different neighborhoods, towns, and cities to choose from when you move here. Hopefully you have a good idea of where you want to be, based on where you work, or the lifestyle you want, or because of other things that are important to you. Our Regions & Neighorhood guides and articles will help you narrow down the list.

LA has very distinct neighborhoods with completely different personalities so it’s a good idea to get a short-term rental when you first arrive so you can explore the different areas to find the best one for you (or use our Neighborhood Explorer to get suggestions based on what’s important to you). Also, it’s worth emphasizing that the secret to happiness in LA is to live near where you work or you’ll spend a large amount of time in traffic. Traffic causes stress. Stress causes health problems. That’s not good for anybody.

Need help figuring out where to live in Los Angeles? Browse neighborhoods below or use our Neighborhood Explorer to find a good fit for your lifestyle.

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